Dirty Birdie Garment Guarantee and Care

Proper treatment and Laundering instructions for your custom garments:

Since your garments are custom made with specialized fabrics, color ways, fits, silhouettes, etc., please take care and consideration in how you handle, wear, remove, store, and clean your garments. Because of the mix of fabric types, embroidery, etc. for most garments it is highly recommended to dry clean only. Additionally, it is important to ask your dry cleaner to test their cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the garment prior to cleaning the entire garment, especially if your dry cleaner is unfamiliar with the fabrics used on the garment. Any of the, sparkly, lamè, vinyl, faux-leather or “leather-looking” materials should be wiped down with a damp rag if necessary- do not expose to excessive wetness, heat, or any chemical cleaner.

Product Guarantee:

All garments are made in the USA with a smile 🙂 We stand behind the quality of our garments. The fabrics we use are tested for durability and fit. We guarantee our garments for the first three months after purchase(as long as proper treatment and laundering are used), and we’d be happy to repair any issues with your garments within that time frame.
-We are happy to use fabrics outside of what we stock on your custom garments if requested, however, we will not guarantee the durability of those garments.

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